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​Employer obligations

Under the terms of our policies, employers have certain policy and claims responsibilities. Be sure to read your policy document carefully so you're fully aware of them.

An employer's key obligations are to:

  • Provide estimated and actual wages declarations for each policy period

  • Maintain proper wages records for all employees

  • Allow wages records to be inspected by our authorised representatives

  • Notify us of any injury or incident as soon as possible

If your employees are injured at work you have certain employer responsibilities.

Employers must keep and maintain a register of all injuries, accidents and near accidents, make all employees aware of it, and give them access to it. You are also obliged to:

  • Allow injured workers to see a doctor

  • Consult with injured workers, their treating doctors, and CCI about your plans for helping them return to work

  • Prepare a Return to Work plan

  • Provide injured workers with duties they are capable of doing while they recover

For more information about your obligations, contact your Account Executive or WorkSafe Tasmania on 1300 366 322, or from outside Tasmania on 03 6166 4600.



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