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Avoiding the psychological scars of physical injury

Greg* always enjoyed the challenges of teaching at a Catholic Special School. But after he was punched in the face by a student, he soon realised it would take more than an icepack to recover.

With the care and compassion of his employer and CCI, Greg was able to stop his physical injury triggering a debilitating mental health condition.

The morning after the assault Greg called in sick. He felt anxious. As it turned out, the student who assaulted him had been harassing Greg for some time and he couldn't face seeing him.

The school's Workers Comp Officer got Greg to visit his GP and called her CCI Case Manager. A Rehab Consultant was brought in and he organised for Greg to see a psychologist, free of charge.

CCI places great importance on treating people with compassion in times of need. Greg was made to feel part of a team dedicated to restoring his mental and emotional wellbeing.

Working with the psychologist, Greg gained a better understanding of his behaviour patterns and learned coping techniques he could use in stressful situations.

During his two weeks off, Greg and his team met to devise a return-to-work strategy. At first he returned in a part-time capacity, and at a different school teaching younger students. As his confidence grew he increased his hours. And after two months, Greg returned to the Catholic Special School on a full-time basis again. The school also rearranged his classes so he wouldn't have to teach the problem student for the rest of the year.

With coping techniques in place and the ongoing support of the Catholic school community, Greg rediscovered his love of teaching and was once again a valuable member of the department.

*All names have been changed to protect identity.



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