Malpractice Liability Insurance

Protect your organisation from crippling compensation payouts

Malpractice Liability Insurance indemnifies your medical, hospital or aged care facility when you're liable to pay compensation because of:

  • Personal injury,

  • Property damage,

  • Advertising liabilities, or

  • Civil liabilities arising out of provision of professional services.

If your organisation is sued, this policy can help indemnify you from large payouts and expenses.

This policy provides cover in two parts

  • Public Liability

  • Malpractice Liability

What you're covered for:

Public Liability

  • Personal injury

  • Property damage

  • Advertising liability

  • Product liability

Malpractice Liability

  • Acts, errors or omissions in the provision of professional services ('malpractice')


Public Liability

  • Up to $300,000,000 per occurrence

Malpractice Liability

  • Up to $10,000,000 for any one claim and $20,000,000 in aggregate (higher limits may be available on request).

  • This policy covers legal costs for the settlement or defence of a claim, and legal costs for attendance at investigations, examinations or inquiries.

How does Malpractice Liability Insurance work?

Malpractice Liability Insurance in action

A patient dies of unknown causes in an aged care facility and a coronial inquest is held at the request of the deceased's family.

With Malpractice Liability Insurance in place, CCI provides cover for legal representation for the facility. The Coroners Court determines the facility is not responsible for the death and CCI covers the legal costs of $75,000.

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