CCI’s award-winning commitment to client training support

Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) has proudly accepted a 2022 LearnX Award for Best Compliance Training project.

The international and professional awards program recognises the work of organisations to pursue excellence in corporate learning and development, education, public, and not-for-profit achievements.

In 2022, CCI partnered with GRC Solutions to undertake a transition of our Learning Manager training platform to their innovative compliance training solution called Salt®.

The award recognised the partnership formed between CCI and GRC Solutions to deliver a seamless transition for our clients to the new platform. Expertise in facilitating online training, coupled with experience in the education sector, made GRC Solutions CCI’s preferred technology provider.

CCI and GRC Award
Pictured from left: Joe Bennett (GRC), Sandra George (CCI), Kerry Warren (CCI), Julian Fenwick (GRC) and Laura Hammett (CCI). 

During the transition project, CCI worked closely with GRC Solutions to support clients with the change, we system tested the Salt® platform to ensure that it would meet our clients’ increasing learning requirements and provided input into the creation and publishing of content to facilitate the process.

Our clients now have access to a smart and simple to use system and learning library with tailored training resources to help clients manage their unique risks.

CCI’s National Risk Consultant Lead Kerry Warren said "Emerging uncertainties signalled a need for greater diligence in areas of technology products and support. More sophisticated cyber threats mark an environment that demands insurers find the right technology and training tools for clients to meet regulatory obligations to keep people, assets, and data safe. The LearnX Award for Best Compliance Training project represents our commitment to protecting clients through connecting our clients to providers that offer high quality products and services."

Contact our Risk Support Team at to learn more about Salt®.