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What do you do when the long hours you work cause conflict at home? Or when the stress of the job impacts your health? These are common dilemmas faced by many school principals.

According to the Catholic Principal Health & Wellness Report, principals experience conflict at home at approximately double the rate of the general population. Stress-related health issues and burnout are also higher among principals than the general population.

Does your school have the latest CCI Education Insights Report?

The report draws on research conducted by the Australian Catholic University between 2011 and 2017, which gathered more than 4,500 responses from school principals all over Australia. It looks at hours of work, work demands vs. resources, offensive behaviour, and stress and emotional demands. 

Download a deeper understanding of the challenges principals face, and get recommendations for improving the health and wellbeing of school leaders.

Download CCI Catholic Principal Health & Wellbeing Report 2018 (pdf | 6.4 MB)

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