Our long tradition of giving back

It’s all part of our commitment to ethically and compassionately supporting the Australian Catholic community.

Each year, CCI channels surplus funds to a range of worthy initiatives and causes in the Catholic community through programs, partnerships, grants and sponsorship. Through this we have supported causes large and small from World Youth Day and well-known charities and welfare agencies such as Caritas and CatholicCare, through to local events and Parishes.

Whatever the cause, we strive to make a positive contribution across the aged care, education, and welfare sectors, to the Parish and to the communities they support.

We’re proud of the Church’s long history of giving back. For centuries, the Church has provided essential support services to underrepresented sections of society. Whether it be through a small loan, food or a supportive ear, the mission and dedicated tradition of giving back is inspiring, and calls for more people and organisations to continue the good work.

Our purpose is to support and serve the church and community. Through our work with the wider Catholic community we know the unique needs of the mission of the church, and the commitment to being active stewards of the world. And we recognise our potential, as an organisation, to create change on a greater scale.

Want to know more about how we’re taking giving seriously? See our write up on the role of business and organisations in philanthropy.


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