Programs Creating Equal Access to Support

Live Well Tasmania

CCI Giving continues supporting the Catholic community through its Small Grants Program, Communities Taking Steps, one of three funding streams offered through the charitable foundation.

Round 8 saw investment in a variety of non-profits and social enterprises working to support people in our communities who are experiencing hardship. Nine of the 22 successful projects used grant funds towards capital improvements, resources or to purchase essential equipment.

“This round saw support of facilities improvement such as replacing kitchen supplies, providing cots for families, and undertaking building repairs,” explains the charitable foundation’s Chair, Jeremy Yipp.

Robyn Krabbe, the Coordinator for Live Well Tasmania, explained the importance of initiatives such as the Communities Taking Steps grant for grassroots organisations working for social justice.

“We need to make our building compliant for disability access. People using wheelchairs should have equity of access, to the building and to a bathroom.”

Live Well Tasmania wants everyone to have an opportunity to find their purpose and to contribute to a peaceful world in a way that satisfies their basic needs.

“Health and wellbeing are behind our focus on improved mental health, healthy eating, and physical activities. We take an evidence-based approached and adopt art therapy, nature therapy, movement, and dance. We still need to finalise the building survey, but we are on our way to making necessary changes to our centre.

“I think we would apply again in the future. We apply for competitive grants and have received state grants. Any groups working for positive social change should learn about CCI Giving grants.”

Chelsea Community Church of Christ also hosts community activities. Based in Victoria, this service assists a wide range of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Their building is home to the organisation's program of providing important community support services including a local food relief pantry. Accepting funds from Round 8 of the grants enabled the completion of urgent repairs to the building’s roof.

“It is another example of a group who relies on funding support to keep operating,” says Jeremy Yipp.

“We know that small community projects need the most financial support. Their vital work is a commitment to social welfare, and we always want to hear from them.”

The CCI Giving Communities Taking Steps Program distributes up to $150,000 to eligible charities each year. Single grants of up to $6,000 can assist events or projects and up to $11,000 can support small capital works initiatives. Subscribe to CCI Giving to ensure you are kept informed of future grant rounds.


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