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Student Care

Help your students recover after accidents

Student Care Insurance can provide a number of benefits including lump sum payments for various injuries, weekly payments, and reimbursements for relevant expenses.

What you're covered for:

  • Medical expenses (non-Medicare and not the Medicare Gap)
  • Emergency transport
  • Home tuition fees
  • Hospital inconvenience allowance
  • Nursing allowance
  • Clothing allowance
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Travel expenses
  • Professional counselling
  • Fee relief

Lump sum payments for:

  • Death
  • Total & Permanent Disablement
  • Quadriplegia/paraplegia
  • Third degree burns and/or resultant disfigurement
  • Loss of mental powers
  • Loss of sight/hearing
  • Loss of use of hands/feet
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of or damage to teeth
  • Dislocations/tears/ruptures


You can choose between two types of cover:

  • Student Care Basic provides up to $275,000 in benefits
  • Student Care Standard provides up to $750,000 in benefits

You also have the choice of covering your students 24 hours a day or during school activities only.​

How does Student Care Insurance work?

​Student Care insurance in action

A student falls down the stairs at school in a freak accident. As a result, she becomes a quadriplegic, is wheelchair bound, and initially requires around-the-clock care.

Because Student Care Insurance is in place, CCI makes a lump sum payment of $250,000 to the student's family. This helps make the family home wheelchair-friendly and assists with the cost of care.​

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We've developed a range of Risksupport tools and resources to help you reduce the chances of accidents, injury or interruption to your valuable services.​

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