Construction Insurance

Put safeguards in place during construction work at your property

Construction Insurance puts safeguards in place during construction work at your property. It can cover you for damages that occur while construction work is being carried out on your property. If something goes wrong, this policy will help set things right.

This insurance offers peace of mind for any Catholic organisation about to undertake construction work.

Ideal for:

  • Cathedrals

  • Churches

  • Parish buildings

  • Monasteries

  • Convents

  • Hospitals

  • Primary & secondary schools

  • Aged care facilities

What you can be covered for:

  • Architect, surveyor and consulting engineer fees

  • Demolition and debris removal costs

  • Hire of additional labour, equipment or services for restoration or repair

  • Extra charges for overtime, night & public holiday work

How does Construction Insurance work?

Construction Insurance in action

Construction of a new classroom is in progress at a college. Sometime over a weekend, the half-finished building is broken into and vandalised. Graffiti is painted on walls and doors are stolen.

Because Construction Insurance is in place, we pay the builder to remove the graffiti and replace the stolen doors so construction can continue as planned.

Need help to reduce your risk?

CCI's Risksupport team is dedicated to helping you minimise risks. As a valued CCI client, we can help you create safe and secure workplaces, and protect your property and assets.

We've developed a range of Risksupport tools and resources to help you reduce the chances of accidents, injury or interruption to your valuable services.​

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