A Century of Certainty

​​​At CCI, we’ve delivered certainty for the Catholic community for over 100 years. From insurance and workers compensation to managing risk and growing wealth, Catholic organisations have been able to rely on us through good times and bad

With our range of high quality products and services, and a team of dedicated industry experts, we help Catholic organisations thrive.

Our history

We're a different type of insurance company – a Catholic insurance company. Operating under mutual principles, we put Church interests before company profits. We have a long, proud history of serving the Catholic community and have done so since 1911. In fact, we're one of the oldest insurance companies in Australia

CCI exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church. From the beginning, our founding principles have remained constant – to develop specialist products and services that meet the needs of the Church, to control insurance costs and to retain any surplus within the Church.

We manage a balance between the prudential demands of running an insurance company and being part of the Church community.

CCI operates under not-for-profit principles. When an operating surplus is achieved, a significant proportion is returned to our Catholic clients by way of dividends, distributions and grants. CCI's client distributions are unique in the insurance industry and underpin the principles under which the company operates.

Serving the Church and supporting its mission

CCI actively engages with the wider Catholic community to help support the Church's mission in pastoral, education, health and welfare work. We understand the unique needs and mission of the Church. It requires a specialised insurer who understands how best to serve its community.

Commitment to care

We're there for you when you need us. In the event of a claim, we act promptly, not only to restore or repair the loss, but also to support those who are affected. As a Church organisation, our staff understand the importance of fairness, clear communication and caring service, especially when our clients are experiencing times of distress. Our relationship philosophy is simple – to go the extra mile and to be there when it counts.

Annual reports

​Find out about CCI's performance and activities for the last financial year in our Annual Reports here.

CCI Giving

CCI Giving is a new kind of foundation for the Australian Catholic community from Catholic Church Insurance (CCI).

Building on the shared knowledge and spirit that comes from over 100 years of insuring Catholic organisations and our strong history of giving back to the Catholic community, CCI Giving is our latest way of extending support to make a difference in the Australian community.

Through small and large grants, we’re helping Catholic organisations and others carrying out Catholic mission in Australia to make a positive impact.

Visit the CCI Giving website here.

Modern Slavery

You can view our 2022 Modern Slavery statement here.

The 2022 ICA Climate Change Roadmap is also available for viewing.

2022 - 23 Gender Equality Reporting

You can find our 2022-23 report on gender equality here.