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Residential Buildings and Contents Insurance

Protect your properties and their contents

Residential Buildings and Contents Insurance can help safeguard the properties and possessions of those in your organisation.

It can cover private dwellings, convents, presbyteries and monasteries, as well as their contents.

If an incident occurs, we'll be here to help get life back to normal.

You can access our residential building cost calculator by clicking here.

For more information about CCI's Residential Buildings and Contents Insurance, please see the Key Facts Sheet.

What you're covered for:

  • New for old replacement on buildings and most contents

  • Flood & storm damage

  • Accidental breakage of glass, bathroom fixtures and the like

  • $20,000,000 legal liability cover

Buildings cover also includes:

  • Demolition & removal of debris,

  • Architect & legal fees

  • Landlord's loss of rent

  • Plants, trees & shrubs

  • Building modifications following paraplegia or quadriplegia

Contents cover also includes:

  • Cash, bullion & securities

  • Credit card misuse

  • Collections & documents

  • Jewellery & watches

  • Antiques (excluding antique jewellery), paintings & other works of art

  • Property of guests, visitors & domestic helpers

How does Residential Building and Contents Insurance work?

Residential Building and Contents Insurance in action

A tree comes down during a storm and crashes through the roof of a priest's house. There is structural damage to a section of the house and furniture is destroyed.

With Residential Buildings and Contents Cover in place, CCI organises for the site to be made safe, watertight, and for it to be cleaned of debris. Then we get things back to normal. We arrange for the building to be repaired and for the damaged carpet and furniture to be repaired and replaced.

Target Market Determination

Target Market Determination (TMD) can be accessed here.

Need help to reduce your risk?

CCI's Risksupport team is dedicated to helping you minimise risks. As a valued CCI client, we can help you create safe and secure workplaces, and protect your property and assets.

We've developed a range of Risksupport tools and resources to help you reduce the chances of accidents, injury or interruption to your valuable services.​

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