Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Protect your organisation from dishonest employees

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance (also known as Employee Dishonesty Insurance), can help protect your organisation against theft, embezzlement and misappropriation by your employees.

What you're covered for:

  • Money

  • Negotiable instruments (which are documents guaranteeing payment of a specific amount of money)

  • Goods

  • Property


  • We extend our definition of an employee to include:

  • Any person employed by you under a contract of service or apprenticeship

  • Any person assigned to perform employee duties for you by a personnel agency

  • Any authorised volunteer carrying out honorary duties on your behalf, and with your consent

  • The policy also covers claim preparation costs as well as alterations and additions to staff (subject to an annual declaration and premium adjustments).

  • Optional cover

You have the option to extend your cover to include automatic reinstatement of the limits of indemnity, unidentified employees, and other parties.​

How does Fidelity Guarantee Insurance work?

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance in action

A welfare organisation distributing care packages to the disadvantaged discovers one of its volunteers has stolen supermarket food vouchers from some of the packages.

The organisation reports this to the police and it is revealed that, over the course of a year, the volunteer has stolen $30,000 in vouchers.

Because Fidelity Guarantee Insurance is in place, we reimburse the stolen amount, less the policy excess, so the funds can benefit those who need them most.

Need help to reduce your risk?

CCI's Risksupport team is dedicated to helping you minimise risks. As a valued CCI client, we can help you create safe and secure workplaces, and protect your property and assets.

We've developed a range of Risksupport tools and resources to help you reduce the chances of accidents, injury or interruption to your valuable services.​

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